What I am Passionate About


Project management is my true calling in life. I help my run her business from the start-up. I was working 12 hour days  to open up her new store and even though I was working every day all day I was never tired, I was excited to go the next day. After we open I got bored maintains the business with my mom. I relieved I love to open and plan business not maintaining the business. That is what project management is so great, they work on a project for 6 moths or longer. I am also very good at business math and figuring out how to calculate products. That is why I want to be a project management. I try to keep busy and keep everything in order at my moms business. I also manage projects for my mother and her business. I enjoy my work but I would love to become a project manager.



Spring is Here!

Spring is finally here! In in Ohio it could not be colder. Even though I hate the snow its even closer to summer and senior year. I can’t wait for summer to come. But of course I do not want to miss out on all the cool things in spring like, my beat on march madness bracket, or spending time with family on Easter. Don’t forget all the wonderful flowers blooming. Spring is not my favorite season, but it goes by fast with a lot happening. Don’t forget one of my favorite holidays, St. Patrick’s day. My Family is very Irish and Scottish. We cook all sorts of different authentic meals and always wear green on St. Patrick’s day. I am the tallest in the family of little leprechauns. My family is very into their history and heritage which is cool. My great great grandfather came to america as a stow away from Ireland and became a very well-known Captain of a ship. I think this is really cool and knowing where I came from is very cool. Another cool this that we found is that we are black Irish because we have dark hair and parts of my family have darker skin tones. Black Irish is a Spanish Irish when Spain settled their. St. Patrick’s day for my family is fun and a celebration of our history. So it’s great that spring is here with all that is happening and everything that is coming too.