What I Have Learned From Keeping a Blog For A Semester

With keeping this blog this semester I have learned that I do not  mind writing when I get to talk about things I want to it comes easier because I have ideas and I get excited about having something to say. Keeping this blog I have also learned that  writing from a prompt came be easy and hard when you want to say everything in  a few sentences but you have to write more for a prompt. There are good things as well like you do not have to think about  what you are going to write about because it is already decided for you. For example this prompt for our last blog post for this class was about what I have learned from writing a blog throughout the semester. And that’s easy I have learned that I can write even with terrible grammar or not making sense but to me. And that’s fine to me this blog I kept in minded was to have the requirements but also to just write for me and not worry about all the grammar and write what comes to mind and I am happy for doing that this semester. So overall I have learned about myself and the way I write naturally and all that information will help me grow as a writer.


My Greatest Achievement This Semester

My greatest achievement for this semester was having surgery. This was an achievement because it was a breast reduction and this surgery improved my life and well-being.  I am successfully recovered from the painful surgery. Having a large chest is not fun it is very painful in my back and shoulders. I was beginning to be restricted from activities I used to be able to do. For example I had to quit volleyball and softball due to my large chest. The only sports left was water polo and swimming but this year I could barely compete in that as well. And talk about a backpack or purse, the neck and shoulder pain I went through was crazy. Then I knew I was ready to get a breast reduction from all the restrictions and pain, I had pain from a bra strap. My mom has been suggesting a breast reduction for a while but I never want to have it done it was scary to me and I didn’t think I had that big of a chest.  But once I was struggling to swim and seeing pictures of me I decided it was time. This achievement was not technically this semester, but the recovery was. I had the surgery done during christmas break. Looking back I am so happy I had it done even with the pain of the recovery but the no pain after I was recovered was worth it. There was even a bonus I could actually buy clothes that I wanted. If you’re thinking about getting a breast reduction do it. Here are some tips if you want to get it done, 1) do not google the surgery but do watch you tube videos of people’s journeys 2) it is not scary 3) recovery is painful 4) you get back on your feet fast 5) take the painkillers it helps to sleep. All of this will make all the difference and this was my greatest achievement of this semester what was your’s?

My Insperation



Life is a difficult thing and I have not had it easy in anyway, many people do not see the struggles that have made me who I am and how I have gotten where I am today.  With that said I would not change a thing in the way I have gone through life. Sometimes life sucks but it’s what you do with it that matters. I have talked about being Dyslexic which is a huge part of my life but since I have already talked about being dyslexic I am going to talk about the one person who has fought for me and always believed in me. That person is my Mom, she is my inspiration. My Mom is also dyslexic she is not as sever as me but it is still there and she went through all of schools and grad school without knowing she is dyslexic until I was diagnosed. That day forward she has fought for me to get the right help without dumming the work down. Dyslexia does not mean you are stupid we are actually very intelligent but takes a while to to read or write.  Would you say that Albert Einstein is stupid just because he was dyslexic, no he was the innovator in math. My Mom knew that she knew I was intelligent and I need the tools to help me show what I know, even if the school system didn’t want to acknowledge the word dyslexia or say that I was lazy. She fought back even if we had to fight every year until Junior year in High school. Then we took another path a path that is better for me and for being Dyslexic that is going to Sinclair instead of High school. My Mom fought for this and we won. Even with her great deal of fighting for me that is not the only reason I look up to her. I look up to her because no matter how many times she fails she is still doing her dream of being an artist and running her own businesses. She quit her job and started something she believed in and work hard to make it successful. She is still working and will always keep failing and succeeding to make her dream true. That is why she is my inspiration.