What I Have Learned From Keeping a Blog For A Semester

With keeping this blog this semester I have learned that I do not  mind writing when I get to talk about things I want to it comes easier because I have ideas and I get excited about having something to say. Keeping this blog I have also learned that  writing from a prompt came be easy and hard when you want to say everything in  a few sentences but you have to write more for a prompt. There are good things as well like you do not have to think about  what you are going to write about because it is already decided for you. For example this prompt for our last blog post for this class was about what I have learned from writing a blog throughout the semester. And that’s easy I have learned that I can write even with terrible grammar or not making sense but to me. And that’s fine to me this blog I kept in minded was to have the requirements but also to just write for me and not worry about all the grammar and write what comes to mind and I am happy for doing that this semester. So overall I have learned about myself and the way I write naturally and all that information will help me grow as a writer.


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