The Day I Understood Dyslexia

I always struggled in school and my mom knew that there was something that was not right. She asked teachers if I had something that  caused me to not understand school. Long story short I got tested for dyslexia in Forth grade. It was a long fight but that is another story. Once I was told I was dyslexia I started tutoring for dyslexia. I was told what dyslexia was and what I need to work on. I was told I was not stupid I was just slow. But even though people told me this I did not understand what was wrong with me or why. I knew I struggled and that everyone else in my class was ahead of me. It wasn’t till Freshman year that I finally understood what was going on in my brain. This night was during christmas break. We had a Christmas movie playing that was on Disney channel. I do not remmber what movie it was exactly but that night changed me forever. The show was coming back from commercials but of course first Disney had their into. The had their logo across the screen and for a split second the word switched and I saw the fancy letter as a D. If you don’t know what I am talking about Google Disney and look closely at their logo. Now think if all your life you saw that first letter as a G but everyone told you it said Disney and you beloved them. Them years later after you have been to Disney world and you are a freshman in high school see for the first time that G was really a D and you finally realize I am dyslexic. For that split second it was a D it changed me I Brock into tears, my mom thought I was in pain because of how hard I was crying. But that night was the first time I understood what dyslexia was that it wasn’t just something people told me I have it was real. I still to this day see the D as a G but I will never forget that for a split second I saw the truth that my brain does not work and I can’t change anything about it. With my dyslexia I do not know if I am reading it wrong or saying it wrong. And after that night I second quesioned myself on every tiny word. I had my learning center teacher read every detail so I would not get it wrong. I finnish freshman year with the fear that everything I knew was wrong.


My Self as a Writer


I currently do not view myself as a writer pessary. I do have to write promotional emails for my job but that is not essay writing. I do not consider myself as a writer because I do not like to make sure all the grammar or spelling is correct. I enjoy if I can write what I want and it is not about the grammar. I do understand grammar is important, I just do not enjoy it. This semester I want to improve my essay writing skills even more to help me in  the future. I would like to also have a better understanding of formal writing this semester. I think keeping this blog will help to have a different form of writing, that can be in my own words.  My goals and expectations for this semester is to better my writing and gramer. I hope to always improve in any way I can.