Spring is Here!

Spring is finally here! In in Ohio it could not be colder. Even though I hate the snow its even closer to summer and senior year. I can’t wait for summer to come. But of course I do not want to miss out on all the cool things in spring like, my beat on march madness bracket, or spending time with family on Easter. Don’t forget all the wonderful flowers blooming. Spring is not my favorite season, but it goes by fast with a lot happening. Don’t forget one of my favorite holidays, St. Patrick’s day. My Family is very Irish and Scottish. We cook all sorts of different authentic meals and always wear green on St. Patrick’s day. I am the tallest in the family of little leprechauns. My family is very into their history and heritage which is cool. My great great grandfather came to america as a stow away from Ireland and became a very well-known Captain of a ship. I think this is really cool and knowing where I came from is very cool. Another cool this that we found is that we are black Irish because we have dark hair and parts of my family have darker skin tones. Black Irish is a Spanish Irish when Spain settled their. St. Patrick’s day for my family is fun and a celebration of our history. So it’s great that spring is here with all that is happening and everything that is coming too.


What is Love?

With the happy holiday of Valentine’s Day it is hard not to think about who you love. When I think about who I truly love, I think about why I love each person.Before I explain these person I love, I want to answer the question what is love to me?  Love to me  is  when no matter what they do, I will still care about them and forgive them. For me family is huge, for sure I might get mad or frustrated but I love them. The reason I love each family member is that each person gives me a different role model and reason. I also learn from each person I love. Not like that the give me lessons that the way they go about life. I also can learn from the way they carry themselves. As that is said I do not love every family member do to many reasons that can not be fixed.  Everyone has these people sometime in their life if it is a grandparent or parent, even a friend. Moving on since that this should be a cheerful holiday. Many people have their significant other that they love. I have a great example with my parents. Who have a not perfect but true loving relationship. I have never experienced love in that way yet, but I have some time.  Tell those people who you love why you love them. It will make their day especially on this happy holiday.  Happy Valentine’s Day!