What is Love?

With the happy holiday of Valentine’s Day it is hard not to think about who you love. When I think about who I truly love, I think about why I love each person.Before I explain these person I love, I want to answer the question what is love to me?  Love to me  is  when no matter what they do, I will still care about them and forgive them. For me family is huge, for sure I might get mad or frustrated but I love them. The reason I love each family member is that each person gives me a different role model and reason. I also learn from each person I love. Not like that the give me lessons that the way they go about life. I also can learn from the way they carry themselves. As that is said I do not love every family member do to many reasons that can not be fixed.  Everyone has these people sometime in their life if it is a grandparent or parent, even a friend. Moving on since that this should be a cheerful holiday. Many people have their significant other that they love. I have a great example with my parents. Who have a not perfect but true loving relationship. I have never experienced love in that way yet, but I have some time.  Tell those people who you love why you love them. It will make their day especially on this happy holiday.  Happy Valentine’s Day!